Who I Am and What I Do

My Background

When I was in my teens I went to work for a woman who owned a horse barn that took tourists out on trail rides. I ran the barn side of things at first and then eventually became the tour guide for her, every few months we would acquire a few rescue horses in miscellanies ways and our goal was to turn them into beginner safe trail horses. As many of you know, restarting a rescue horse has many challenges to say the least, but one thing that I noticed that helped tremendously was giving each horse about an hour a day to feel all over their body and search for any spots that may be tender or sore. I would try my best to warm those spots up, to stretch them, or rub them, and always, the horse started to come around, mentally and physically. Now I am not saying I had any idea what I was doing back then, but what I do know is this. Massage and body work make a phenomenal difference in all bodies, including horses. I believe it is our responsibility to provide the most comfort and health we can for these amazing animals that work so hard to be our partners in sport and work, as well as our companions in life.